Blemished skin often involves the oil glands or sebaceous glands of our skin. In normal condition the skin oil (sebum) flows out of these glands and spreads evenly over the skin. But sometimes the glands openings are clogged by “plugs” made of dead skin cells and dirt. The result we call officially “comedones” but most referred to as black- or whiteheads..

Where and why?
Blackheads (open comedones) are often found on the nose. Whiteheads (or closed comedones) are small “bumps” in the skin. They are located deeper in the pore, with only a small opening to the skin surface which can’t be seen by the human eye.

Unfortunately comedones are often caused by genetics and hormonal fluctuations. Other causes which you might be able to avoid are oily or greasy (hair) products spread over the forehead and temple area and baseball hats, headbands or covid19 facemasks that rub on skin (also known as “acne mechanica”).
Eating habits could influence the skin. By avoiding certain foods or drinks for a certain period of time you can check whether they affect the skin.

Cleansing, scrubs, creams and cosmetics

Next, adequate cleansing of the pores is an essential step for the long-term management to prevent comedones. But avoid over-drying of the skin with harsh ingredients! In any way try to avoid any product which dries out the skin. Because a dried out skin will produce more sebum to moisture. And more sebum will give a vicious comedones problem circle!

Be very careful with exfoliating scrubs and never use them more than once a week. Over-exfoliation can dry and irritate the skin and make white/blackheads and inflammatory worse. Please be always  gentle with blemished skin!

Please don’t (scars!) but if you can’t resist and choose to extract/squeeze your comedones, you should do it after a warm shower or bath. The warm water will soften your skin, and steam will help open pores to make the extraction easier and less traumatic to your skin.

To reduce comedones, people with acne-prone skin should look for day creams labeled oil-free or non-comedogenic. Unfortunately, most moisturizers can clog skin pores and cause more comedones and breakouts. Check labels and also here test products for a certain period of time.

Cosmetics is always a difficult decision. You don’t want to clog pores, but you also would like to look nice(r)! Always be mindful of what you’re putting on your skin. Using the right make-up which is labeled “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic”  prevents comedones and breakouts.

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To know what is important

Important knowledge is that (skin) cells with an optimal water content offer more resistance to bacteria that can cause zits and white/blackheads. It’s shown that the right balance restrains irritations of the skin very effectively. Betaine in the Anna is Clear® formulation will help with this balance.

Other ingredients within the Anna is Clear® formulation regulates sebum production, contributes significantly to the stabilization of barrier function and may reduces hyperpigmentation. Next, the formulation provides the skin with 6 of the 8 essential amino acids. These free amino acids are the main components of the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), as said before essential for maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier.

24/7 control

We always wonder why people use effective formulations only once a day. By carrying the Anna is Clear formulation 24/7 with you you’re able to help the skin any moment of the day. When you’ve hormonal fluctuations (many women break out 10 to 7 days before their period) use Anna is Clear more intensive just before a known fluctuation.

White/blackheads are visually annoying but can be treated. The unique water soluble beta-glucans within Anna is Clear® are able to help and maintaining the balance within the natural microflora 24 hours 7 days in the week via an easy to care packaging. Therefor we call it on-the-go-skincare!

Happy skin, happy life!