Is Anna is Clear® a drug?

No, Anna is Clear® is not a drug. Anna is Clear® is a cosmetic product, to strengthen the important microbiome and improve the appearance of a blemished skin with zits, pimples and black/whiteheads. It is also not a permanent cure because the symptoms eventually come back (in the subjects of our clinical trial on average 28 days after the infection the inflammations re-appeared). However, on the very moment of resuming the treatment, the symptoms disappeared immediately.

Can I use Anna is Clear® on infected areas?

Anna is Clear® normalises the C. acnes before it turns into an infection. Reducing the number of C. acnes will reduce the inflammation but prevention by Anna is Clear® is key.

Is Anna is Clear® poisonous?

Anna is Clear® contains ingredients which are 100% from natural sources with a fermented rye extract as the active ingredient. The recipe actually can be named a food type product. Our patent is partly based on the formula, and partly on the transdermal transport mechanism allowing the rye ferment extract to reach Cutibacterium acnes deep in the cavern of the sebaceous glands. The extract combats and normalises C. acnes with diminishing symptoms of the blemished skin as the result.

Can I use Anna is Clear® too often?

No, but 4-5 times a day is sufficient to make the formula work. More often results only in faster consumption of the product, not faster recovery.

Can I transfer infection by (co) using the roll-on?

The organism C. acnes, which is held responsible for the occurrence of s blemished skin with zits, pimples and black/whiteheads, is an anaerobic organism that is deeply hidden in the sebaceous gland. It is only optionally aerobic. That is to say that the organism prefers to live in the absence of oxygen, but to a certain extent accepts oxygen. The risk of re-contamination (infection transmission) of C. acnes is very small. Using a so-called Kinetic Challenge Test (KCT) has determined that the “time-to-kill” of all C. acnes organisms present on the skin is less than 10 seconds. In short: all C. acnes micro-organisms which would stay on the Anna is Clear® roll-on will die within 10 seconds.

When can I expect improvement?

In our clinical trials, 95% of the volunteers were released after 8 days from the appearance of blemished skin. We assume that our test values will not be unique. However, we recommend continuing using the roll-on for a few days after the symptoms have disappeared. This gives C. acnes the time to normalise.

How long does it take to empty the roll-on?

In average our volunteers used the Anna is Clear® roll-on for one to two months to empty it. And in average (see point 1) the inflammations re-appeared after 28 days after the treatment stopped. This means in average people need one roll-on each second month.

Where is Anna is Clear® produced?

Anna is Clear® is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factory with Food Grade certification (required in connection with the rye ferment) in the Netherlands. A factory with all necessary ISO certifications to guarantee and secure the high quality of Anna is Clear®.