It is a frequently asked question on skin care forums. How do I prevent pimples on the chin. How do I prevent comedones or blackheads on the nose and how do I prevent my skin from breaking out (every month before the menstrual period)?

Who doesn’t know about blemishes, black/whiteheads, spots, irritation and pimples that often occurs at the same place at your face. From young teenagers to well into forties, almost everyone had or has still fight them. And usually also at times when you are not waiting for it at all. For example just before an important date, your best friend’s birthday where only acquaintances come, a business promotion presentation that you’ve been working towards for months or those times of the year for which you want to look at your very best.

The emergence of blemished skin
Most problems for blemished skin can be traced back to an imbalance in the microbiome. The microbiome is the skin’s most important ecosystem. If this skin barrier becomes unbalanced, the following problems often arise:

● Irritated skin
● Breakout of the skin
● Dry/sensitive skin
● Inflammation

Each and every microbial skin is different. An important driver for the imbalance is the production of hormones. These hormones ensure that there is a greater production of sebum in the sebaceous glands. In addition, food can be a driver for pimples and blackheads. For some it is pasta and bread for others fast food and soft drinks can be the driver. It differs for each person. In general, you can say that carbohydrate-rich foods stimulate the production of sebum. Try to figure out for yourself which foods give you the most trouble. Adjust your diet for 3-4 weeks and keep a close eye on your skin. In subsequent blogs, we will delve a little deeper into the influence of food on the appearance of blemishes.

Harmful treatment of blemished skin
You often see that people treat their blemished skin with products that dry out the skin, which actually have the opposite effect. Those people regularly use harsh cleaning products and scrubs that remove the entire microbiome or they use concealing products to cover up imperfections. Closing the pores causes black/whiteheads and the accumulation of sebum creates pimples. Either way, you create yourself a complicated vicious circle that you have to break.

Active support of the microbiome
We recommend avoiding harsh actives, such as exfoliating acids and retinol treatments if you have a damaged skin barrier. Most of the time it will make things worse. It is better to clean very mildly, to eat as healthy as possible and to carry Anna Clear with you for an extra boost to the microbiome.

Anna is Clear is based on cultured rye that has been fermented with a 40(!) year old secret cocktail of Lactobacillus species. Safely stored in a Swiss bank, this secret cocktail contains a unique combination of nature-based ingredients. These activities contribute to an active, natural protection of the skin and prevent the problem causes from bacteria to multiplying excessively. Anna is Clear® supports a healthy microbiome and helps to reduce the risk of pimples, blackheads and skin damage.

Since our skin gets weaker and thinner as we age, it is important to replenish the loss of active components through skin care. Anna Clear is therefore also a very good daily supplement for blemished problem skin for ‘older’ adults!

Anna is Clear             
Happy skin, happy life!