Showering daily has no real health benefit, experts emphasize and also call it ‘perfume hygiene.

They claim that the daily shower has no proven health benefit and dismiss showering as a socially acceptable practice aimed at avoiding accusations of being unkempt, dirty or perhaps even smelly. If you go back 100 years, we didn’t shower every day. We shower so much now, not because of health, but out of luxury and because it is a ‘normal’ thing to do.

Many doctors tend to agree with experts who say that the modern obsession with cleanliness can actually be dangerous to your health. Dermatologists have been saying for years that prolonged and daily showering can destroy and remove the ‘skin microbiome’. The skin microbiome is the layer found on and within the epidermis that plays a major role in protecting the skin and is also extremely important for the overall health of the body.
In fact, a famous American chemist was so adamant about maintaining this skin barrier that he didn’t shower for the past twelve years. Instead, he chose to spray himself with good bacteria (several brands have tapped into this niche!).

When asked to engage in a discussion with critics, he said: “No sense, tell anyone who mocks me that they are betraying a profound ignorance of the skin microbiome.”

Other experts advise people with drier skin – or who suffer from conditions such as eczema and body acne – to shower shorter and less often, as this can damage their skin microbiome and worsen problems.

Considering the above, you can already imagine that daily cleaning and washing of the facial skin, even with mild products, is actually an attack on your skin microbiome. In fact, makeup removers can remove almost the entire microbiome. The microbiome must then recover and dehydrated or dry skin will produce more sebum to compensate. A lot of sebum, as we know, creates ideal conditions for the Cutibacterium acnes (bacterium) to multiply excessively. The Cutibacterium acnes is very important, but in excessive numbers they also cause infections that manifest themselves in pimples, pimples and white/blackheads.; in other words, blemished skin.

If you regularly suffer from blemished skin, consider reducing your exposure to cleansing products that may contain irritating ingredients. Wash your face wisely. Of course, if you have just finished exercising, are covered in mud or suncare products, come out of a race car with lubricating oil on your face or any other kind of dirt, cleaning is a must. After all, you don’t want your pores to clog (which means accumulation of sebum in the sebaceous gland!), but if you can wash it off with just water and clean hands, this is often preferable.
We are very proud of the fact that the Anna is Clear formula contains no aggressive ingredients and only ingredients that improve the skin’s processes. Compared to products containing salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide, we dare to claim that our formula is superior in preventing and repairing blemished skin.

So shower and clean your face a little less and then see what this does to your skin in the weeks that follow. Please note there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to washing skin and body. You decide what is best for your (facial) skin.
If you suffer from hormonal fluctuations, some extra daily support from Anna is Clear is recommended for prevention or recovery. Carry the product with you every day to immediately start treating an emerging problem. Anna is Clear is of natural origin and can be used in addition to any treatment.

Happy skin, happy life!

Please note: Anna is Clear is a cosmetic product. If you have skin problems, always visit a dermatologist for advice.