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Using too many skin care products can age your skin faster

Last week, another article came out that people should not use too many products on their skin, because this can cause faster aging and thinning skin.As several scientists have been saying for many years, less=more is preferable and the excessive use of products can have a negative effect on the skin’s microbiome.

If you really want to do something good for your skin, the very first step is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Your lifestyle has the greatest positive impact on your skin.

Minimalism and only using quality products that actually only contain so-called ‘goodies’ is the second important step. So a good moisturizer and a good (mild) cleanser is sufficient for skin types up to 30 years old without skin problems. Multiple skin products are not good for your skin microbiome.
Pay particular attention to aggressive ingredients if you have vulnerable impure skin. The Beautypedia ‘Skin Care Ingredient Checker’ is a nice tool to check each ingredient in your care products for their function and aggressiveness.

Retinol can be interesting to add to your skincare regimen once you are over 30. But be careful about starting too early as it can cause premature aging and premature thinning of the skin. Everything in time and with appropriate measures is the key.

Eating healthy, sleeping well, hydrating and spending a lot of time within nature and with your friends is a plus for your skin. You will go through life radiantly!

But sometimes your skin needs a little extra help. For women, a period of hormone changes also starts 10 to 7 days before their period. For many women, these changes can lead to ‘breakouts’ and other skin problems. Start with the Anna is Clear formula a few days before this hormone change period and the skin-improving ingredients prevent the skin itself from having too much influence on the skin from these fluctuations. If you regularly suffer from impure skin and blackheads, it is important to have Anna is Clear with you every day and to use it regularly.

In a world flooded with cosmetic promises, Anna is Clear distinguishes itself by its authenticity using natural non-aggressive ingredients that, valued with an international patent, can rightly be called a problem-solver. A special formula to promote clear skin that is rooted in scientific knowledge.

Most (aggressive) products on the market that may help against impure skin depend on their results on the natural 21-day change of the epidermis. That is why you often read texts on the packaging such as: “you will see results within 1 to 2 months.”

Anna is Clear immediately contributes to the recovery and prevention of skin problems.
This is easy to monitor for yourself by regularly taking photos of the skin to see if any improvement is visible. Every person and every skin is different. Make sure that, if you have skin problems, you go for the ‘full package’; healthy living, healthy eating and lots of fun and for some extra help and self-confidence you have Anna is Clear in your pocket. We recommend that people with skin problems use the roll-on at least 4 to 5 times on known problem areas for the fastest and longest lasting results.

As a consumer it is a challenge to correctly assess skin products. It starts with the INCI (the ingredient list stated on every cosmetic product packaging). Learn a number of well-known aggressive ingredients by heart and you can quickly judge whether the product is right for your vulnerable skin. The first ingredients listed on the INCI are the highest percentages. The latter are in the formula with the lowest percentages.

This knowledge allows you as a consumer to better assess extravagant claims and price differences. Sometimes simpler alternatives like coconut oil – which is a fraction of the cost – can provide similar results to some of the expensive skincare brands.

In fact, you should judge each product by simply taking a before and after photo over a period of time. It gives you a lot of insight and knowledge regarding your specific skin. What works for products also works for food. Use photos to check what regular use of certain foods, fast food, sweets, soft drinks, but also pasta, etc. means for your skin.

If you want to try Anna is Clear, we have a promotional code until May 1: APRIL2024 with which you get a 10% discount on your purchase! And of course we would like to hear whether your test results are positive! We will raffle a nice prize among the comments!

Happy skin, happy life!

Anna is Clear

Please note; Anna is Clear is a cosmetic product. We always recommend a visit to the dermatologist for a diagnosis of skin problems.