Eating the wrong foods: Since a blemished skin is often associated with oily skin, it is often thought that fatty foods promote the formation of zits, pimples and black/whiteheads. Especially pork, chocolate and chips are considered as the culprits. In this respect, no scientific research has ever succeeded to prove a real relation although people with an acneic skin can react to certain food. Every person seems to be different in this aspect. Food allergy plays no role in getting blemished skin.
Poor hygiene: This too is a myth. Hygiene is not related to blemished skin. Excessive washing with soap and water is useless and may even be harmful to the skin and worsens the indications. The microbiome becomes unbalanced, especially when aggressive and drying ingredients are used.
Infections: Zits, pimples or black/whiteheads are not infectious and never transferred from one person to another.
Perspiration: Sebaceous and sweat formation have nothing in common. Strong sweating does not affect the severity of the blemished skin.
Tension or stress: In the basic, blemished skin isn’t caused by stress, rather the opposite is the case: a severely blemished skin can lead to significant psychological stress calls (inferiority).

A blemished skin has to with:

Hereditary predisposition: The effect of this is not to be underestimated. There are families with a long history of problem skin.

Excessive use of specific cosmetics and other fatty, oily and tarry products which will clog pores (comedogenicity). Try to minimize covering zits, pimples and black/whiteheads with cosmetics (concealers) to hide them. This often worsens the already blemished skin.

Exposing your skin often too high concentrations of pollutants, irritants or moisture will worsen your blemished skin. (maybe be work-related!)

NEVER squeeze pimples! Squeezing pimples promotes scarring and is counterproductive.

So hands off!!!